INFORMATION FOR CIA MEMBERS"October 1, 2004, People Against Prison Abuse is pleading with "ALL" Love Ones of Inmates held in the TEXAS Prison System to start the complaints "NOW" to the Legislators to Air Condition the Texas Prisons!

The numerous illnesses that occur inside the prison system starts during the "Summer Heat" due to the INTOLERABLE EXCESSIVE HEAT in all the prison units. A well person can barely endure the heat index of 115 to 125 degrees that occurs inside the cells of the TDCJ Units.Then to top that with the fact that all the liquids the Inmates have to drink is the warm water from their sinks in their cells when they are locked in their cell. The Older Units do not have cool water in the dayrooms, to the point that the Wardens have been ordered to place ice water in coolers which are mounted on the walls but they do not stay mounted very long because the Inmates "out of frustration" tear the coolers off the walls because the guards will never refill the coolers...when they put water and ice in them it usually last about 10 minutes then it is empty and not refilled. It was reported one year at one of the older units that the New Assistant Warden started having 55 gallon trash barrels lined with a trash bag and filled with ice then this was brought by to all the cells for Inmates to get ice. The Inmates were allowed to fill two cups with ice (the cups the Inmates had were the small plastic cups that consist of abut 4 to 6 ozs).This was certainly better than nothing which this action probably saved some Inmates lives during this time of extreme heat.Thank you to the Assistant Warden that had this done.Also during extreme heat the units roof tops are to be sprayed down with water to cool the metal roofing on nearly all the units plus now so many of the units have the metal on the outside of the units walls.This has never been reported as done

CHALLENGE TO ALL PERSONS READING THIS ALERT: People Against Prison Abuse would like to challenge you to do this experiment. When the temperatures outside are 98 to 100 degrees or more, turn off the air conditioning in home or office for 24 hours, keep windows and doors closed, do not drink anything but warm tap water from your faucet. Test yourself to see if you can make it for 24 hours, no fans, no open windows, nothing cool to drink,just be there. When Inmates are locked in their cells they have a 4"x8" (note: that is inches, measure it out to see how big that is) window to try to get some breeze to come through, what draws a breeze, there has to be an opening somewhere else or a fan, if they are in the cells with the solid steel doors closed, there is nothing to open to draw the breeze through, if they don't have a fan to circulate the heat around it is just hot suffocating air. How do the Inmates tolerate this, they strip down to their underwear, wet their T-shirts to put on to help keep them cool. Try it, then think about this CIA Alert that is pleading with each TAXPAYER to help by sending this ALERT to the legislators to "STOP THE INSANITY" of the inhumane treatment of Love Ones incarcerated. Remeber the Inmates in Ad.Seg, 23/7, that do not get to go outside some in the evening when it cools down. I challenge you to the Test to see how long you can last! Under "NO" circumstances are the guards suppose to remove an Inmate's Fan so please be aware of this policy.

It was reported in the July-August 1998 TIFA Contact Newsletter..." that TDCJ spent nearly $$$$$$ $700,000.00 $$$$$$(UPDATE:8/2004: Does anyone have any idea where the fans are? or where this money went for installing fans to cool down the prisons? This money came from the COMMISSARY PROFITS which was reported in 2003 to have made an Operating Income of $$$$$$$ $6,334,549.25 $$$$$$$ with Net Assets as of August 31, 2004 of $$$$$$ $25,139,034.30 $$$$$$$.

The Families and Friends of Inmates paid the $$$$$$ $700,000.00 $$$$$$$ for the FANS. There should not be ONE INMATE inside the Texas Prison System that does NOT have a FAN. Remember the money we send to our Family members is our money that the Commissary makes the profit from and this profit is suppose to go back to benefits the Inmates with recreational equipments, educations books, TV, Radio etc. Love Ones of Inmates create the profits. TDCJ is doing "ALL" the law will allow them to do (???). Now The Taxpaying Citizens of Texas need to send the message to the "ELECTED OFFICIALS" who have consistently voted against AIR Conditioning the Prison Systems. WE, as VOTING TAXPAYING CITIZENS of our great state of TEXAS, have to let the ELECTED OFFICIALS know our concerns, wants, needs, and fears. We have to make the Texas Legislators aware of the problem as we, in our TAXPAYER role, see it. Never forget!!!! its "OUR" $$$$$$$ TAX DOLLARS $$$$$$ that support the State of Texas and "OUR" votes do make a difference. We should have a voice in how the tax dollar money is spent. Use your voice and speak out! Call and/or send letters today. Don't think for a minute that your concerns are any less valuable than anyone else's. Let's put our combined efforts together for our Loved Ones in the prison units. They are suffering due to the "HEAT". They are suffering Illnesses because of the "HEAT". Let's help TDCJ get the TAX $$$$$$ DOLLARS $$$$$$ needed to cool the PRISON UNITS." What is the one thing that TEXAS has an abundance of? WIND, the Legislators can pass legislation to put TAX DOLLARS in the budget to build WIND Generators that will provide electricity for the Prison Systems and evidently this added humane action will be saved in Medical Care for the Inmates. Let us call our Legislator to accountability and responsibility that "WE" want our LOVES ONES treated as humans?

Recently another State's Citizens got behind the issue of the intolerable HEAT in their PRISON SYSTEMS, filed a Lawsuit, and they "WON!" The Prison System was "ORDERED" by the Court System to "Air Condition" "ALL" the prison UNITS. If they can do it, HEY TEXANS, let's show them we can do it, too!

Here in TEXAS we have such an advantage because of the WIND. WIND MILL ELECTRIC systems can be put in to furnish the electrical needs to all the PRISON UNITS AROUND the STATE. YES, it will cost $$$$$$ up front but it will be a saving over many years while supplying Air Conditioning to the Inmates to allow them some human compassion. Also, know that the older TDCJ Units will not carry the additional power needs for Inmates to have fans; therefore, the Inmates in these units can not have fans in their cells.

"YOU" are needed to make a difference. Thank You Members of PAPA's CIA Group for showing you do CARE and do want to make a difference by getting involved. Please DO NOT let up on this issue. ***NOTE*** Please be aware that the STATE keeps the Commissary Funds (Inmate Trust Funds) in Interest bearing accounts....this money belongs to our LOVE ONES (or Us that send it in to the TRUST Funds) and as the TAXPAYING CITIZENS of TEXAS should have some say how these funds are spent. In 1999 it was reported that the TRUST FUND earned several million dollars of interest back when Interest Rates were higher, do you remember those days? This PROFIT should reflect and include all the interest earned on the Inmates' funds - I wonder if it does? TIME to hold the Texas Legislators ACCOUNTABLE, let's find out what they are doing with the money?***End of NOTE***


TEXAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, David Dewhurst, Lt. Governor, Joint Chairman and Tom Craddick, Speaker of the House, Joint Chairman, Robert E. Johnson, Sr., Legislative Office Building, 1501 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78711 or THE CAPITOL, Austin,TX 78711-2068, 512-463-0001, 1-800-441-0373, Fax: 512-936-6700

Senate Legislatorsfor addresses go to: Texas Legislation on Line: (click on "Who Represents Me" which is listed under Redistricting in the menu to the left for House and Senate names, addresses, phone numbers) Gonzlo Barriento, Kim Brimer, Robert Duncan, Rodnes Ellis, Chris Harris, Jon Lindsay

Representative House Members Ryan Guillen, Peggy Hamric, Carl Isett, Lois Kolkhorst, Robert Talton,Corbin Van Arsdale.

Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711, Attn: John Whitmire, Chair, Austin, Telephone #512-463-0115, District: 803 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77007, 713-864-8701 ***NOTE: He is also on the Sunset Advisory Committee which is the Over Site Committee that makes the recommendations of things that need to be changed within the State Agencies.

Please Make Contact with your Senator/Representative for the Area you live in and the ones over the area of the Unit where your Love One is housed in TDCJ.

Please send a copy to:

Texas Civil Rights Project, 1405 Montopolis Dr., Austin, TX 78741;
Donna Broby, Esq (Legal Oversite over the Ruize lawsuit) 315 Hugo St., San Franciso, CA 94122
Amnesty international USA, 322 8th Ave, 10th Floor, New York, New York, 10001

This is a Sample Letter to help with your writing: The only way we can make a difference if for the Texas legislators to hear our VOICE, are you willing to let them hear yours?

SAMPLE LETTER:Dear Honorable (Senator, Representative, Lt. Governor, etc.) I am a concerned VOTING TAXPAYER CITIZEN about the INTOLERABLE EXCESSIVE HEAT that is experienced each year in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice aka TDCJ Prison Units by ALL the Inmates and the State of Texas Employees that work at the Units. This is nothing more than IN-HUMANE TORTURE and has absolutely nothing to do with Rehabilitation to the Inmates housed in the units of TDCJ.

I am requesting that the STATE of TEXAS Write,Introduce, and Pass the Necessary Bills (Laws) to require ALL the Prison Units, Jails, Detention Centers, and all other CORRECTION Facilities to become Air Conditioned within two(2) years.

The cost of electricity is a major concern which I feel can be justify by the up front cost of Wind Generators (Mill) being installed, which over the many years of use will more than pay for the up front cost in the savings on medical cost, wrongful death lawsuits, rehabilitation with compassion, and on and on the list can go.

The STATE of TEXAS does NOT need more prisons built! The STATE of TEXAS need to "UPGRADE", "REPAIR", "MAINTAIN", "ADD-ON" Additional Space to the Units already in existence, "TEAR DOWN" and "REPLACE" the Units that are 75, 100, 125 years old. STOP wasting $$$$$$ TAX Dollars $$$$$$ on fixing and repairing used-up buildings such as those that are over 75 years old where the plumbing is so bad the water is brown coming from the old lead pipes, the units where the water is contanminated that it is killing Inmates, where the infestation of insects can not be controlled, where the facilities in the units are obsolete, and on and on the list can go.

I am asking for a change to be made to "ALL" the Correction Facilities for the betterment of our Love Ones incarcerated enabling them to have more humane treatment than those of days gone by in concentration camps.



My Question is?
ARE YOU THE PERSON TO GET THE JOB DONE or DO THE CITIZENS of TEXAS need to elect the OFFICIALS that want to do what their Voting Taxpaying Citizens desire to see done with their $$$$$$ Tax Dollars $$$$$$ ?

Yours truly,

sign your name, address, email, phone number - Put this in your own Words. A suggestion, make several copies so every few months you can mail it again, again, again, until something changes

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